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The Remedial Membrane Vision

What do you do if the current measures are not working? You innovate and develop, and that is exactly what Remedial Membranes corporate body did. Remedial Membranes is a group of experienced tilers and waterproofers who have worked with the existing remedial applications and knew that they needed to make something better to help homeowners protect their biggest asset.

Our search for a water-based transparent waterproofing system took us around the world. After extensive research and development,  2014 the Clear Waterproofing Membrane was realized.

We now have a product that ticks all the boxes. We have something really amazing to offer, and in the process we also stumbled upon a product that removes the limitations on materials being used in wet areas.

Consider this:  your bathroom and kitchen are the most expensive room in your house. You only really change the look once or twice in 20 years. But what if you could waterproof wallpaper and us as splash back or a feature wall in your shower? And if you could change them every year as you change the cushions on your couch – all without a large expense?

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No mismatched tiles, long waits, or expensive rip outs – just beautiful, lasting results. Go ahead and try it for yourself today! We can’t wait to see the results.

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