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If you have already received quotes from contractors to repair your leaky balcony, you know that for a rip-out and redo you are probably looking at over $10,000.00 which is a hard price tag to swallow as it does not add additional value to your property.

But with a little time over a coffee, our installation video can be viewed, purchase the product and install it yourself for less than 10% of the cost of getting your balcony redone…..It’s easy, click here, and after 12 minutes you can understand how to save yourself thousands of dollars.

Why would you choose us?

Over 90% of all balconies leak due to movement, so to ensure your issue does not return, you need to repair the surface with a product that is flexible. Our perceived competitors, namely Epoxy and Sealers, carry massive 10 to 25-year warranties; however, these warranties do not cover movement as both Epoxy and sealers, being rigid, when movement occurs these products crack and leaks reappear.

Remedial Membranes was formed because Tilers and Waterproofers alike know the current measures are not adequate and that a clear or transparent, flexible waterproofing membrane which is similar to what is below the tiles was needed to fix leaky balconies. Clear Waterproofing Membrane is an aliphatic polyurethane membrane similar to what is below the tiles except it is installed on top, and as it is clear, it does not change your current look.

About Us

Remedial Membranes Clear Waterproofing Membrane is the answer to every builder’s issue of leaking balconies.   Our Clear Waterproofing Membrane is our greatest selling product for balcony repairs, and with so few repair options available in the market today, it’s easy to see why. With balcony rip out and replacement costs running into the tens of thousands of dollars, it’s easy to see how Clear Waterproofing Membrane is a smart and cost-effective option. When using Clear Waterproofing Membrane, repairs can be completed in a single day after preparation, with no aesthetic changes and no need to remove tiles.

For external decks to have two (2) options:
(prices exclude GST & Shipping)

1. Small Balcony Kit  $449 +$17 Shipping (Coverage: 2 coats of 129 ft2)

2. Large Balcony Kit and the price is $879+$23 Shipping
(Coverage: 2 coats of up to 323 ft2)

Major characteristics

The one significant difference between external and internal applications usually comes down to the sun. The sun is the single most powerful factor that affects our earth. The sun’s ability to break down materials is well known; it has varying and contrasting temperatures throughout the day/year and emits unseen harmful UVA & UVB rays. Wet areas have higher moisture content. They are at risk with extremes in varying temperatures, this encourages expansion and contraction in external building materials, and over time this leads to cracking, lifting and shrinkage depending on how the surface has been prepared and laid, and this invariably leads to water damage in the home or building.

*Engineering within Clear Waterproofing Membrane (CWM) enables the membrane to keep its flexibility over time and is warranted for four (4) years not to break down (when installed by an Accredited Installer), so it can protect your building over time from movement. Water has the incredible ability to track from its source to where we see evidence of it, usually resulting in a wet or mould patch on the ceiling. This makes it increasingly difficult to identify the source of the leak. Still, with CWM application over the entire area, you can be confident that even though you are not able to locate the source of the leak, It has has been stopped; because this has been repaired using a clear waterproofing membrane, it does not detract or change the original scheme or décor,

Clear Waterproofing Membrane was initially developed for external use and is UV stable. As external surfaces tend to be much larger, Clear Waterproofing Membrane comes in both 1 & 2.6-gallon pails for your convenience. Disclaimer: although everyone can purchase the membrane, it is only warranted if the installation has been completed by an Accredited Installer who has completed the Remedial Membranes Training Program.

*Please refer to Product Warranty
** preferred coverage is 500micron which equals 31.36ft2 per gallon however we understand that leaks occur in specific areas. The cost-effectiveness of the product needs to be considered with each decision. Therefore in areas not of concern, please ensure you do not drop below 125-micron dry film thickness and keep to 500microns in area of concern like junctions between the vertical and horizontal surface. Please ensure that you follow the installation videos and guides to ensure the product is installed correctly to prevent whitening and leakage. This is of particular importance when you will be applying the product to larger areas which will reduce the thickness of the finished dry film or in hot temperatures. Feel free to contact Remedial Membranes to discuss any questions.

*Supply and Install only

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