USA Installers


Please find below our current accredited Remedial Membrane Installers and Distributors Listing.


Although Remedial Membranes has been distributing the Clear Waterproofing Membrane to the United States since 2016, we have only recently developed our Preferred Accredited Installer Network list. If you cannot find an accredited installer from your local area on the list, please contact your preferred contractor in your area and ask him to complete the online training course to become an Accredited Installer with us.

On completion of the course, they will be able to extend the product warranty to you.  Please send them the following link: https://www.remedialmembranes.com/training/


Company Name: Corum Development LLC
Contact Name: Mike
Serviceable Area: Pacific Northwest
Phone: 360 202 2769
Email: mheadrick@comcast.net
Website: TBA


Company Name: BuildRight
Contact Name:  Todd
Serviceable Area: New York
Phone: 315 406 6072
Email: todd@buildrightcompany.com
Website: www.buildrightcompany.com


Company Name: Kerr Constructions
Contact Name:  Richard
Serviceable Area: Kansas
Phone: 785 483 098
Email: kerrconst@gmail.com
Website: TBA


Company Name: Right On Builders
Contact Name:  Michael Pinkerton
Serviceable Area: Central California
Phone: 831 236-3592
Email: rightonbuildersmp@gmail.com
Website: https://righton.builders/contact/


Company Name: Alchemy Builders Inc.
Contact Name:  Jess O’Brien
Serviceable Area: Bend; Oregon
Phone: (541) 480 5190
Email: alchemybuilders@yahoo.com
Website: https://www.alchemybuildersinc.com/


For Australian Accredited Installers please visit our Australain website at www.remedialmembranes.com.au or


Clear Waterproofing Membrane is earmarked for local distribution at the end of 2019. Until this time all purchases are shipped door to door from Sydney Australia through our online store, this usually takes six (6) days from purchase date. Shipping is capped at $23 with nothing more to pay.

If you would like to purchase this product regularly through your local retailer, please have them email us at info@remedialmembranes.com.au and we will be happy to set this up for you.