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Remedial Membranes. A Quality waterproof membrane for wet area repairs.

Welcome to Remedial Membranes! Home of the Clear Waterproofing Membrane designed for use on top of existing surfaces internal & external.

So your surface/tiles looks good but its leaking? Why rip up good tiles to get to a fail membrane? Previously the thought was to remove all the materials above the membrane, repair it and then recover and in the event that it leaked again you had to do it all over again. Well Not Anymore! Remedial Membranes Clear Waterproofing Membrane is similar to a membrane that goes under tiles except its clear and is used over the top so you don’t have to remove tiles anymore simply coat the whole area with a new membrane and because its clear you don’t change your existing look. This saves time and money.

Founded by experienced and skilled Tilers and Waterproofers in Australia who have strived tirelessly to research, develop and now deliver a superior product, Remedial Membranes presents a water based clear waterproofing membrane to the industry for the following reasons:

Complete Solution

Previously when a homeowner found a shower or balcony to be leaking, even just a little, the homeowner would need to call a Handyman to fix the leak so as to prevent structural damage. The Handyman would apply a sealant or a epoxy to the existing surface to mend the existing cracks thus preventing leakage, but sure enough movement would occur and the cracks would re open and the shower would start leaking again.

Before Remedial Membranes there was no Clear Flexible Membrane application available. Previously, you would have to completely remove the entire wet area and replace which is a  and time consuming and costly exercise in itself, however in most cases there are no additional left over tiles, so often the original bathroom is left looking like a patched; not so with Remedial Membranes.


Imagine not having to choose between tiles and tiles for your bathroom! All previous limitations of what to use in wet areas are now removed! Consider the possibility of beautiful oak floors in your bathroom or the ability to use wallpaper in your shower and change it every year as your heart desires; well now you can.

With the help of Clear Waterproofing Membrane you can now use materials that previously could not be used in wet areas such as wallpapers which is ground-breaking and pioneering a new presence in current market trends.

Remedial Membranes Clear Waterproofing Membrane can go over endless compatible surfaces and waterproof materials that would previously be unheard of in a bathroom. Clear Waterproofing Membranes is only limited by your imagination…… challenge yourself!

Affordable Price

Flexibility of seamlessly repairing waterproofing issues without a large inconvenience put on your family, affordable price, timeframe and no drastic aesthetic change.

User Friendly

Remedial Membranes Wet Areas provides a seamless membrane that goes over the top of existing tiles to waterproof the area at a competitive rate supply comes in at between <8% (less than) of the cost of rip up and remove supply and install comes in at approx 25-30% of the cost to rip up and remove.