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Online training course in Remedial Waterproofing using the Clear Waterproof Membrane.

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Thank you for your enrolment of Remedial Waterproofing using the Clear Waterproofing Membrane. The course segments are broken up generally into a video with a question and multiple choice answers. With a final quiz at the bottom to make sure you understand the application flow.

Please watch the video to understand how to do a lesson and download the attachments, ensure to read through them in advance of commencing this course.

Everyone that works at Remedial Membranes is an experienced tradesperson with hands-on experience on the product. Since our product went to market and was made available to the public, we have had the pleasure of working with some true industry professionals. In this course, some of the ways we do things might be a little different to what you have learned previously, but I strongly request that you take the ideas on board as they will assist with efficiency and broaden your horizon.

Remedial Waterproofing is complex so I recommend watching the video in each segment multiple times before attempting the answers. The answers won’t appear until after the video has completed and you need to get the answers correct before continuing to the next segment. You can reattempt each section as many times as you need too until you complete each lesson with 100%.

The course is currently in what we call the ‘draft’ phase, and we are interested in any feedback you have on the course so we can adjust it before we finalise it. While in the draft phase, you hear the voice of Jasmin our Technical Advisor. Jasmin is an Australian Licensed and Experienced Tiler and Waterproofer with extensive experience with the membrane and Jasmin is your contact as company representative at Remedial Membranes. You can contact Jasmin on any of the following methods at any time, and Jasmin will respond as quickly as possible. Keep in mind a picture says a 1000 words so if you have specific onsite questions, please send images with your questions:

Phone & Text: 0061405930059
Whatsapp: 0061405930059
IMO: Remedial Membranes
Messenger: Remedial Membranes
Facebook: Remedial Membranes

Feel free to send her a ‘hi’ and save her details in your contact list.

We are an international community of tradespersons and contractors and welcome you aboard!

Now that you have completed the course and received your online certification, you need to schedule in a chat with Jasmin to go over the quoting and product discount arrangements and to finalise your status as an Accredited Installer with Remedial Membranes.

What to expect of a lesson.