Installers & Distributors


Please find below our current accredited Remedial Membrane Installers and Distributors Listing.


        USA Installers


        Company: Corum Development LLC
        Contact: Mike

        Service Area: Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom Counties

        Ph: 360 202 2769
        Email: corumdevelopment@gmail.com
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        NEW YORK

        Company: BuildRight Specialty Building & Remodeling
        Contact: Todd

        Service Area: New York State Area

        Ph: 315 406 6072
        Email: todd@buildrightcompany.com
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        Company: Right On Builders
        Contact: Michael Pinkerton

        Service Area: California Central Coast around the Monterey Bay area

        Ph: 831 236-3592
        Email: rightonbuildersmp@gmail.com
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        Company: Alchemy Builders
        Contact: Jess O’Brien

        Service Area: Bend area

        Ph: (541) 480 5190
        Email: alchemybuilders@yahoo.com
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        Company: Twin Home Experts
        Contact: James Schuelke

        Service Area: LA County, Maricopa County & Salt Lake City

        Ph: 8184028682
        Email: jim@twinhomeexperts.com
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        Company: Ren Construction
        Contact: Ren Levine

        Service Area: Forestville Area

        Ph: 707 508 5273
        Email: renjoe44@gmail.com
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        Company: Restaura Elite LLC.
        Contact: Pedro Macineiras

        Service Area: Lauderhill, United States

        Ph: (786) 675-2698
        Email: llcrestaura@gmail.com


        Company: Rilemar Custom Homes
        Contact: Richard L Martinez

        Service Area: McAllen, Pharr, Edinburg, Weslaco and Harlingen Areas

        Ph: 956-648-4093
        Email: richard@rilemarcustomhomes.com
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        NEW JERSEY

        Company: Precision Maintenance Plus
        Contact: Robert Russin

        Service Area: New Jersey State Area

        Ph: {732) 868-9048
        Email: rob@precisionmaintenanceplus.com
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        NEW YORK

        Company: Tightseal Construction Inc.
        Contact: Michael Dickerson

        Service Area: New York & New Jersey Area & Connecticut

        Ph: 646-278-4800
        Email: tightseal360@gmail.com
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        Company: Buzzworthy Homes Services
        Contact: John Sawyer

        Service Area: Phoenix Area

        Ph: (480) 536-6055
        Email: buzzworthyhs@gmail.com
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        Company: Metro Construction
        Contact: Evan Koutz

        Service Area: San Jose & Santa Clara County Areas

        Ph: (408) 828 2425
        Email: ekoutz@yahoo.com
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        Philippines Installers

        Company: JTKC Land, Inc.
        Contact: Mr Ceferino Cariazo
        Service Area: Makati, Philippines
        Ph: +632 893 6367
        Email: ceferino.cariazo@gmail.com
        Company: JSD Solutions
        Contact: Mr Ralph Pelmoka
        Service Area: Philippines, All areas
        Ph: +632 8813-8857 +632 8893-7777
        Email: antonio.lim@jsd.com.ph, ralph.pelmoka@jsd.com.ph

        Australian Installers & Distributors

        For a list of Australian Accredited Installers & Distributors please visit our Australian website www.remedialmembranes.com.au or CLICK HERE


        Clear Waterproofing Membrane is earmarked for local distribution at the end of 2019. Until this time all purchases are shipped door to door from Sydney Australia through our online store, this usually takes six (6) days from purchase date. Shipping is capped at $23 with nothing more to pay.