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Buy Clear Waterproofing Membrane Leaking Balcony Kit

Save money and keep your tiles. Just buy the balcony Clear Waterproofing kit and paint it over your tiles or concrete surface for a long lasting waterproof balcony. Most balcony leaks are due to movement. Our paint-on waterproofing membrane is flexible. It tolerates movement and does not break, unlike sealers.

DIY Balcony Tile and Concrete Waterproofing Kit

Our Clear Waterproofing Membrane tile and concrete waterproofing kit was developed with DIY for homeowners in mind.

All Clear Waterproofing Membrane waterproofing kits come with detailed instructions, and we have lots of instruction videos that show all steps to take from slippery to safe balcony. They are freely available on our website or YouTube. Nothing is hidden, so you can watch them before you buy.

We know, that you probably start most of your DIY projects on the weekend. That is why our helpdesk is available 7 days a week, in case you get stuck while working on waterproofing your balcony.

For your peace of mind, we also offer a 4-year warranty for our products.

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